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Down from unknown reason – French marketplac, formerly known as “Leboncoin” and rebranded, has an englisg version here: blackdeal6o3uta5.onion.market


SUPER j’ai perdu 300 balles dans ce site de merde qui ne veut plus fonctionner c’ets qui qui va rembourser toutes les sommes perdue ??? je les ai perdu pile a ce truc d escrow de mes couilles en ski ptn et ce con de colucci qui se barre de dreamarket alors que dreamarket il es operationnel mais non ce zgeg il va sur un site soit disant francais qui ne marche plus du jour au lendemain du coup on se fait tous baiser !!

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What a fuck happened with this marketplace and it doesn’t work since yesterday?
no link works! is it a scam and we lost our money?

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I lost 500$ :( :( blackdeal is down :(

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It is SCAM

It is SCAM, today i lost $ 120 in deposit, support don’t answer

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The link onion works very well

The link works very well, you just need to use a Tor browser up to date in its latest version.
If your browser tor is not up to date, you stay out with a nice 404.

And for information, those who use tor2web proxies( onion.nu/ onion.cab / onion.to/ etc..) are blocking.

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black deal

what can we say
actually this onionadress is not reachable from german locations
we tried diffrent locations and different servers , we went via ahmia and via grams search
but we never reached to get the link wotking

may be the blackdeqal admin s should set up a ne working link so that users from northern switzerland and southern germany can reach the market
so far the link is NOT WORKING


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Best french market

Too bad this market is exclusively in french!
These French do not deserve such a beautiful market.
In any case good business

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I don’t read a lick of French but this website is mega pretty.

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