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Darknet Vendor and Three Customers Busted in Mannheim

At the request of the public prosecutor in Mannheim, officials at the Mannheim District Court signed a provisional arrest warrant for four suspected darknet drug dealers and drug buyers, a joint announcement from the Mannheim public prosecutor and the Mannheim Police Headquarters read. The suspects had allegedly used the darknet to buy or sell drugs beginning in March 2016 and continuing through 2018 until their recent arrests.

The primary suspect, according to evidence gathered by authorities in and outside of Mannheim, had been selling ecstasy and amphetamine since March 2016. In total, the announcement explained, the 28-year-old dealer sold more than 10 kilograms of amphetamine and more than 200 ecstasy pills to customers on the darknet. In addition to the three suspected buyers already arrested by Mannheim police, the drug dealer sold to customers throughout the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The Mannheim police are working to identify other buyers, including those outside of the city of Mannheim.

According to the Mannheim public prosecutor, the three arrested buyers were all younger than the darknet vendor. The youngest, a 23-year-old, received more attention in the press release than the other two. The police caught all three in the city of Mannheim—the city targeted in the investigation due to the presence of the darknet vendor—while conducting searches in the apartments of several locations connected to the suspects and the vendor himself.

During the execution of the search warrants signed by the Mannheim District Court, the Mannheim police seized one kilogram of marijuana, 50 grams of hashish, 250 grams of amphetamine, 45 ecstasy tablets, and 10 cannabis plants at an undisclosed growth state. The police also found and seized knives, a firearm, a set of brass knuckles (aka knuckles or knucklebusters), and a taser (or stun-gun). Only one of the alleged drug buyers had his name specified in the press release: a 23-year-old from the Rhine-Neckar district.

The police said he had been growing marijuana in his apartment for the purpose of distribution once he had harvested the plants and cured the product. According to the police, the 23-year-old had also been purchasing from the darknet vendor and reselling the drugs. Given the presence of ecstasy and amphetamine—the two drugs the darknet vendor had been selling on the darknet—one could safely make the assumption that the 23-year-old had been buying both drugs from a vendor. The announcement did not identify the owner of the seized hashish and dried cannabis, however.

After their arrests, Mannheim authorities brought the men before a judge at the Mannheim District Court. Investigators questioned the suspects and sent them to a correctional facility nearby. Meanwhile, the Mannheim public prosecutor’s office and Mannheim narcotics investigators have been investigating other suspected buyers who purchased drugs from the 28-year-old darknet vendor.

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