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Massive Online Weed Shop Busted in Canada

A press release issued by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) revealed that investigators had shut down an online drug shop. The announcement explained that three men from Edmonton had been running a so-called “mail-order drug distribution network” from a home near 80 Avenue. Canadian law enforcement arrested all three men and charged them with drug trafficking and possession crimes, along with one charge of dealing with the proceeds of a crime.

According to local news reports, an anonymous tipster alerted the police of the illegal activity conducted in the Edmonton home. Three men in their 30s allegedly ran the operation: Jared Melnychuk, 33, Kevin Melnychuk, 33, and Cory Gibeau, 32. According to the ALERT announcement, the men had been trafficking for less than one year but their recently established “business” had no difficulty in moving significant quantities of illegal substances.

The men sold primarily marijuana products on their shop, CannabisCanada.today. The latest crawl of the website included listings for Phyto Extractions’ various cannabis concentrates (shatter), different products from the solvent-free THC concentrate producer “Golden Coast Distillates,” Powdered CBD isolate, bud coated in THC distillate and rolled in kief, and several listings for various amounts of premium strains of marijuana. They had listings for “OG Kush,” “Master Kush,” King’s Kush,” and others. As reflected by the site’s title, the suspected drug dealers sold primarily marijuana products on CannabisCanada.

During the raid at the Edmonton home, the police seized more than half a million worth of illegal substances. However, marijuana and related products only made up a part of the seizure; the police also found cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms in distribution quantities. The dry and pre-packaged marijuana contributed to the majority of the weight of seized drugs at a grand total of 34 kilograms. They found 2.7 kilograms of one-gram packages of resin; more than 600 grams of concentrates, more than 40 packages of THC infused candy, 40 grams of CBD isolate, 1.7 kilograms of cocaine, and 1.1 kilograms of psychedelic mushrooms of the psilocybin variety.

The police also seized more than $50,000 in cash and two cars believed to have been purchased with money earned from the drug operation. ALERT announced that both vehicles will be subject to forfeiture after a review from the forfeiture office. Authorities charged the men for possession of the proceeds of a crime in connection to the seized cash and vehicles. The drug possession and distributing charges will lead to several possession of controlled substances for the purpose of trafficking charges due to the amount recovered.

Authorities released the men on bail after booking and charging them.


  1. In other news, The Trailer Park Boys just wrapped up their latest season. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles were not available for comment.

  2. MJ is supposed to be legal in Canada in few months from now. Pretty ridiculous !

  3. Didnt canada recreationally legalize marijuana throughout the whole country? What the fuck…

    • theknowitall

      Yeah, they did. But they never said selling the product illegally without tax was permitted.

      Poor guys got it bad, the feds took everything. They were charged with drug trafficking and distribution, their sentences are not really as bad though…

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